Installed new WiFi, connected to Garadget OK, but problems


I installed a new Wifi network. I followed your video instruction and got my Garadget connected to the new WiFi, excellent signal level. If I open or close my garage door using the button hardwired to the door, I get an alert on my phone like normal. But, when I use my phone and push the garage door icon to open the garage door, the animation shows the door opening but in real life the door does not open. Standing under the Garadget device, I can hear it click when I use my phone app to try to open or close the garage door, but the door does not move via the app anymore.

What should I do to fix this? Thanks!

If the opener is the same, then check the wiring. There might be a disruption somewhere between the Garadget and the opener.

Hi, yes the opener is the same. Nothing else changed, just the wifi router. I only touched the M button on the Garadget, Perhaps the wire got loose, but just in case if there is no loose wire is there any other reason the app no longer works to open and close the door?

If you hear the relay click after sending the command from the app then the app works and the command gets all the way to Garadget and processed correctly.

There is very minimal circuit between the relay and the blue terminal in the back. If you want to rule that part out, try momentarily connecting the two screws in the terminal with a piece of wire. If wiring is correct, then that should open/close the garage.

Okay, thank you. Tomorrow I will get up on the ladder and check that wiring out.

Alright, it is now solved. Thank you for the advice. As it turned out, the red wire appeared to be inserted into the terminal, but in actuality it was only touching it. The lead is only about 1mm long. So, any movement of the Garadget could and did break the connection. It is now firmly inserted and secured and the garage door opens and closes with the app as it should.

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