Interfacing with Security+ 2,0 openers

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If you’re trying to connect to a newer LiftMaster, Chamberlain or Craftsman Assurelink opener, they aren’t compatible with devices that use dry contact (relay) outputs. You need to add an interface will work with the 12V DC power on the wall control wires and will communicate with the data that the opener expects to see. Check out this interface – it will work with your newer openers. Just a note that it doesn’t work with the LiftMaster model 8500 jackshaft openers. Apparently those use an oddball main board that will only allow one hard-wired device, which is typically the wall control. There’s also a wireless interface on the same site that will work with the 8500 openers.


Thanks for the info, @spepin. This looks like a convenient solution, though not the most cost efficient. There are are Security+ 2.0 compatible remotes on ebay that can be had for as low as $10.


That might be true, but some people lack the skill, tools and/or expertise to comfortably take on dissecting a remote and soldering small wires to do it themselves and are looking for the more convenient solution. For that matter, for the people here who have the newer Chamberlain or LiftMaster openers without built-in WiFi, Chamberlain already makes a product that does what yours does, for half the cost. Their MyQ Home Bridge is $49 and adds smartphone control, monitoring and alerts to existing MyQ openers.

And, they have this model for use with just about any brand of opener:


MyQ were very slow to adopt any integrations and when they finally did (under pressure from competitors like Garadget), they started charging the subscription fee for that. Just the fact that they removed option for a dry contact button and sued those who attempted integrating into their protocol shows that they just want to lock in and squeeze their customers.

That’s a legitimate business practice, but not the one shared here. Garadget is an open-source platform. Tinkering and hacking is welcomed and if somebody needs help and encouragement with their first soldering project, they’ll find it here. For savings or glory :wink:


Current setup is having my garadget doing everything expect notifications.
I spent $49 for just notifications and no other features that work with my taste.
I thought the MyQ new homekit bridge was going to replace my garadget but it hasn’t.
(This only regards to apple’s homekit)
Pros for Garadget

  • Instant close (silent)
  • Can bypass homekit warnings
  • Can set location based rules

Pros for MyQ

  • home kit Notifications (only due to my lack of nodejs skills to implement it right)

Cons for MyQ

  • Unable to avoid safety features (come on 10 secs with flashes and beeps, rather not anoy neighbors and its slow to close anyways)
  • Beeps and flashes for 10 seconds before closing. total time to close 21secs
  • doesnt notify it being open if it was stopped half way. At least garadget reports that correctly if i used the app for notifications


I have found a bypass for this. Simply use a smart (wifi and Alexa compatible) momentary switch, solder the switch wires( on the board) connect the two wires to the switch, garage opener and a regular momentary switch and boom you have voice/internet control of the garage door opener.


Thanks for sharing your project, Ryan.
You may want to add the door status sensing capabilities to it, because without that you don’t really know if you are opening or closing the door.


I went with the creativeaccess route because I have no clue how to solder nor did I want to buy another remote/controller. It worked like a charm and took all of 2 minutes to install. Thanks for making it easier for us “dummies.”