Intermittent Garadget opener

I have a garadget connected to my gate (the garadget team modified to work with a mag sensor versus the laser).

This has worked great for years! All of a sudden the unit has been going offline. In the app and cloud interface/browser it cycles between a “timeout” / “closed”. Periodically it will show “offline”. The wifi signal varies between Excellent to Good. System value is 0.6.4 and firmware is 1.14.

I have tried the following things,

  • new power supply
  • power cycle the unit
  • re-setup up the unit
  • reset the unit via the R button

Nothing appears to be solving the issue. Appreciate any help. Thank you.

Were there any changes in the WiFi setup? Some users reported issue moving to mash type networks.

I am on a mesh network (eero), but I’ve had that as long as I’ve had the Garadget without issues. FWIW oddly enough the few times I have checked it today, it seems to be working fine again. I’ll keep checking throughout the week, and if there are issues I’ll respond back to the thread. Thanks.

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Ok…the problems are solved. Its now consistently working again. Has been so for the past week. It was really odd the problem disappeared just like it started happening! I’m glad it’s over and I’m back to working! #garadgetFAN

Looks like I spoke too soon. I’m experiencing the same issues again. Worked for a few days. Here’s one interesting thing I’ve noticed, after a day or so of none use it will appear that everything is working fine and I can open the gate using the Garadget, but then immediately after the gate is fully open, without fail the unit shows “timeout” and then shows “offline”. I do have an external antenna attached to the device. When the garadget is working the signal strength for the wifi connection varies between good and excellent. I do have other IoT devices in the general area (further away) and they are all connected just fine. Any thoughts or help ? Thank you.

It sounds like the device may be rebooting. This can be caused by the power issue caused by the motor operating. See if the LED indication changes at the time you get the offline/timeout status.

Your reply got me thinking. Power. I made some changes. I relocated the power source, ran a dedicated power source (not associated with the gate circuit), I changed the power supply cord, and for extra measure I relocated the antenna. Signal is now “excellent” consistently running at -50db or less (was closer to ~ -58-60db before). It generally seems to be running more consistently now. It does periodically show a “timed out” status and then comes back. I’ll keep you posted if I see any changes. Thanks.

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Just closing the loop on this one. Pretty confident this was a power issue. Anyhow we can close the books on this one. Problem appears solved. Thank you !