iOS 8 Version? Will not upgrade to 9+


I must have the iOS 8 version as I will not lose my jailbreak and upgrade from 8.4. This is a deal breaker and will return item if I can’t find it. I can install .ipa files manually, so if you can give me link to your 8 version which I know you had, I will install that. Hopefully you can as I do not want to return this! Thanks.


If you want to check out previous versions of iOS app, you can find the sources at github. I’d just go with web app.

I hear you about the versions and all, but this is not the battle you’re going win on iPhone. At some point it will become the quality of life issue.


WebApp ( does not display correctly on iPhone using Safari and Chrome. The letters are all jumbled up. When clicking on it, it just redirects to

Repo: I zipped the folder “garadget” which contains files like info.plist and more, then renamed it to garadget.ipa. Installing it I get ERR: Package Installation failed (-402653103). I guess I either did not grab right folder or did not convert it to .ipa correctly.

Any advise getting webapp to display correctly on iOS 8.4 or older .ipa to install would be great! THanks!


Any way to update browsers to more recent version without updating the OS?
Re. repo: Hard to tell, there are Particle libraries involved in the app, maybe they weren’t included correctly

You can control Garadget by the web requests, consider some app that can do that as a option. If nothing else, you can return your unit for full refund.


See attached screenshot for issue. I can not log into: (iPhone 5C/iOS 8.4). Same issue happens in Opera, Chrome, and Safari (FF requires 9 so I cant test it) . All browsers are updated to latest versions. Any ideas?


Finally got a web browser to work! Puffin! So, any users running iOS use Puffin Browser (mobile) and you can log in finally! Now, just have to wait for my Wifi Antenna extender! So happy I am progressing as I want this to work!
(also tried converting the current .ipa file/I modified the list file to change minimumiosversion from 9.0 to 8.0-i got it to install but it just crashed when it opened-so dont bother trying the app)