iOS app logs me out randomly


Sometimes when I go to the app I am logged out. Haven’t been able to reproduce consistently. But I stop getting notifications if I am logged out and don’t know until I get to the app. It’s annoying to have to log in all the time.


This might have to do with the recent iOS updates.
Please see if logging-out intentionally and logging back in helps it.


I have exactly the same issue and it is really frustrating. The app is almost useless if I have to log in every time I want to open or close the garage door. Everything worked ok since last week. Now I am constantly logged off. Even so I still receive all the notifications, which is very strange. Please try to find or suggest the solution. I already tried to log on and off on my iphone and on the web platform…


Yeah, I still have this issue. It is really freaking annoying, makes me not want to use it.


Thanks for your reports, all.
I’ll look into this issue and report the findings.

Do all of you access your accounts from multiple devices?


I only access with one device.


I’d like to access with multiple, but my wife would never use it, as it is tedious.


Have you ever considered IFTTT widget button for Garadget?

It only takes a swipe on your iPhone and click on one of the widget buttons:


Dude you are my hero. If this work. The. Yes garadget is the best thing ever.

Thank you. I am having an issue setting a location to openwhen I get close and close when I leave. It just gives me an error and says try again.


What app gives the error?


The ifttt open on arrival and close on departure, but I think I actually have to be in that location to set it, because I set it to my current location, which is my work, and it saved it fine


You should be able to zoom out, move the selection and zoom in where you want it.


Yeah it didn’t seem to let me do it at my house which I am not currently at. I’ll try it again


Now it works… weird