iOS App Not Staying Logged In


I am finding that the iOS app is having me to log in constantly whenever I open the Garadget app every few days. It seems to happen if I don’t open the app for a few days. Any thoughts on why it is not staying logged in?



I have the same exact problem. I have a iPhone X.


I am so frustrated. I have three and was an original kickstarter. It logged me out and now my password won’t work. No problem I’ll reset it. It says no email found. I’ve had the same email for 15 years. So I try to create a new account. What do you think happened? You’re right says that email is in the system and you can’t use it. So my devices are useless to me. They don’t have a phone number. And I can’t get in and out of my house. I might as well just use the original mechanical lock


Having the same issue. Just installed the first one yesterday and ready kicked me out three times… Any advice ?


Maybe it’s an iOS 11 thing. I didn’t have the issue with iOS 10.

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Yes you have to email them to get it reset. My insult to injury was that my Homelink broke on the same day.