iOS App Notification at Wrong Time


I have my iOS app set up to notify me if the garage door is opened or closed between 10pm and 5am. I am finding that if I open the garage after 5am, but before 6am, I am still getting the notification. Is there the possibility that there is a timezone issue? It seems to work without issue at the start time though in that if I open or close the garage just after 10pm, I get the notification as expected.



Sounds like a timezone issue. What is your selected timezone?



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Thanks for the info.
If you PM me the device ID, I can check the settings and recent logs to see if everything is saved correctly.


The timezone option for “(GMT-05:00 +DST) Eastern Time (US & Canada)” switched to daylight savings time on Mar 11, 2018. Is GMT-4 a correct time offset now for where you are?


Actually, yeah… I am now GMT-4 with the time change. I guess it’s not automated in Garadget, huh?



It is, but maybe got stuck at the non DST. Please see if resetting the unit (“R” button) switches the timezone to DST.