iPhone 12 max pro

After moving my data over to the iPhone 12, I can open and close the garage door but I don’t get any notification, can you please let me know what I should do.
I deleted and downloaded the app again, but it did not help.

When you first ran the app after the re-install, was there a prompt to allow the push notifications?
You can double check the permission in Settings->Notifications->Garadget

I did check my notifications, they are on, but did not have to reinstall, should I reinstall ? you think that can help?
Also the app shows the opposite, when the garage door is closed, the app shows it’s open.

I’d go with the reinstall. There is a new app listing since earlier this year. It is possible that you had the discontinued app version.

Re. status reporting: see if you get the same results in the web interface. If you do then the issue is not related to the app, but has to do with the sensor setup. Make sure the laser is pointing at the center of the reflective tag when the door is fully closed and doesn’t hit anything nearby or reflective when the door is not closed.