iPhone widget design?

Have you considered designing a widget for iPhone users? Having the ability to swipe and get immediate access to garadget would be a huge improvement in my eyes.

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Thanks for your suggestion.
iOS is pretty restrictive when it comes to the UI features. Is there an existing app that demonstrates the kind of widget you envision?

I don’t know of an existing widget - never looked before. Garadget has been the first opener I have used… a simple design, “open/close” widget would be a nice feature. It would provide easy access and more like a garage remote in a car. Just a simple swipe to the right (iOS 10) would allow access to the opener or check the status. Just a thought…


I would love to see this implemented also

So I found one that is a good example (I think): the CHROME app on my iphone 6s has a ‘widget’ if you swipe from left > right (from the lock screen) that allows you to New Tab or Voice Search. I’ll add a screen-shot.

Adding that sort of capability would be pretty sweet on an iPhone: we’d be able to swipe and open/close the door quickly.

Thanks. :relaxed:

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@smadsen, can we do this?

iOS 10 already provides similar functionality in that when you swipe to the search screen on the iPhone or iPad, there is a panel of Siri suggested apps. Garadget appears in my list as i use it fairly frequently.

Now you can add widget for opening and or closing the door with IFTTT applet.
See this post for more info.

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Added the applet and the widget. Tested it just now while in my living room. Took a couple seconds but it did work! :slight_smile:

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Yes, there is some latency, but it still may be faster if you factor in the time it takes to open the app.

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I would really prefer if there was a native Garadget widget on iOS. Is there any chance you can get this developed and deployed? It’s such an obvious improvement to what we have.

The Kasa app is a great native example. Can we get this on the development roadmap?

Check out the Kasa app for a great native example.