iPhone widget design?

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Have you considered designing a widget for iPhone users? Having the ability to swipe and get immediate access to garadget would be a huge improvement in my eyes.


Thanks for your suggestion.
iOS is pretty restrictive when it comes to the UI features. Is there an existing app that demonstrates the kind of widget you envision?


I don’t know of an existing widget - never looked before. Garadget has been the first opener I have used… a simple design, “open/close” widget would be a nice feature. It would provide easy access and more like a garage remote in a car. Just a simple swipe to the right (iOS 10) would allow access to the opener or check the status. Just a thought…


I would love to see this implemented also


So I found one that is a good example (I think): the CHROME app on my iphone 6s has a ‘widget’ if you swipe from left > right (from the lock screen) that allows you to New Tab or Voice Search. I’ll add a screen-shot.

Adding that sort of capability would be pretty sweet on an iPhone: we’d be able to swipe and open/close the door quickly.

Thanks. :relaxed:


@smadsen, can we do this?


iOS 10 already provides similar functionality in that when you swipe to the search screen on the iPhone or iPad, there is a panel of Siri suggested apps. Garadget appears in my list as i use it fairly frequently.



Now you can add widget for opening and or closing the door with IFTTT applet.
See this post for more info.


Added the applet and the widget. Tested it just now while in my living room. Took a couple seconds but it did work! :slight_smile:


Yes, there is some latency, but it still may be faster if you factor in the time it takes to open the app.