Is my garage door really opening?

I have the app set up to alert me if my garage door opens between 9am and 3:30am. I woke up today to 6 notifications that my door was opened 6 times last night all within 10 mins of each other. Was my garage door actually opening and closing? Was it a issue with the app? Or was I being robbed?

Check your cameras for any sign of your wife’s bf. If it wasn’t it just might be an insects in front of the light sensor.

Likely the laser traveled off to the edge of the reflective tag and the reflection dropped below the threshold value. The movement can be caused by the thermal expansion/contraction of the opener rails. If that’s the case, consider adding more reflective tape to cover more area or relocate Garadget to where there is no movement.

That was it. Thank you!

I get notifications about three times a day say garage door opening, and a nano second later I get garage door closed. My reflectivity is set to 65% and my actual is never less than 97%. With 3 sec intervals on the scan period.
Plus no more ST integration and zero support on this device. Too bad because it’s more reliable than any other I have used.

@Zorro, I would recommend setting the threshold to default value of 10.