Just wondering where to purchase

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Really want to pick one of these up. Just wanted to know where to buy from? Indiegogo still?


Thank you for your interest in supporting Garadget.
Orders are currently accepted through indiegogo. Website and Amazon ordering are coming soon as well. I can directly invoice you via email if that is a preferred option.


Just ordered off of the website. Can’t wait!


Thanks for your support of Garadget project. I’m getting your unit packaged and will drop it off tomorrow.


Now Garadget is also available on Amazon and Tindie.


I purchased my first unit about 2 weeks ago, and went back online to get two more but it appears they are out of stock now. Is this correct, and any ETA when more might be available?

Great product!


Thanks for your support of Garadget!

Yes, the last batch is all sold out, but the new shipment is arriving around Dec 19th. Please place your back-order on Tindie, Indiegogo or Amazon and I’ll ship your units ASAP.


Thanks - received my additional two units today!