Larger Laser Target Tape?

Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to purchase a larger laser target so I don’t have to keep constantly adjusting my Garadget (not Garadget’s faut). Something like 8"x8" would be perfect.



I just put a couple of these on my door and they work fine. I think you can buy reflective tape as well but I think it’s more expensive

Uxcell Car Reflector Sticker white plastic adhesive

Just to make sure… the base plate of the garadget has a screw and thats been tighten right?

Hi Shane!

i shared this issue in a similar post. I had issues with my doors ‘fogging’ up due to condensation, but the bigger footprint was a slight concern. I bought some plastic reflectors at a hardware store that have adhesive backs. Just throwing out another option…
Reflectors instead of tape

I had the same problem. It seems like the reflecting tape had degraded. I bought this on Amazon and it works great.
Starrey Flexible Reflective Tape White Silver 3 Inch X 15 Feet High Intensity Grade DOT-C2 Safety Tape Waterproof Conspicuity Trailer Reflector

We now stock an improved version of prismatic reflectors in larger size:

Not all reflective tape is created equally. I bought the cheap stuff on Amazon and it was inadequate. ASTM actually has specs on reflectivity. I recommend

XFasten Reflective Tape, White and Silver, 2 Inches by 5 Yard on Amazon.

This is ASTM Level IV reflectivity. This is very good. I first bought the $4.28 tape that came from China after 2 weeks or so. It looked good but was engineering grade (Level I) and not reflective enough for my purpose (reflective material on garage door so Garadget laser could detect when the door is closed). This is the exact same material as used by Garadget.

I now have an 8" x 8" target and have had no problems with vibrations “adjusting” the angle of my laser.

Slightly different take on this subject, but I dislodged my garadget unit while removing a spider which was causing a few problems having taken residence near the laser !

Having taken it down for a good clean, I then had the problem of realignment ! On initial setup, you can mount the unit and then stick the reflector on the door in the right position. Realigning a laser onto a 2” target from 10ft away takes more profanity and solitude than is strictly necessary.

Mine is one of the early Kickstarter models and I can vouch for it being robust enough to tolerate my cack handed DIY skills.