Laser dimming and false opening alert

One of my two Garadgets is producing false door opening alerts when the door is closed. The laser is hitting the reflector squarely, giving a sensor reading of ~86. When a false alert is issued for the door opening, the sensor shows a reading that varies from 2-8 and the laser spot is just barely visible on the reflector. After a random time from a second or two to as much as a minute, the laser returns to full brightness and the sensor reading returns to 86 or more.

This behavior happens randomly through the day and night. Sometimes it generates a single opening-closed pair of alerts. At other times it generates a string of 10 or more pairs of alerts in only a few seconds.

Does the device need to be replaced?


Before looking into a warranty service option, let’s make sure that the door release rope is not partially blocking the beam. Also check for other possible obstructions (webs, insects etc). Another thing to try is swapping the power adapter for any other USB charger to see if the issue is related to the quality of power.