Laser no longer working?

Hey guys had my device a few weeks now and its been working great until last night the laser stopped working and my garage just reported open. I unplugged the device over night hoping to fix the issue but the laser still doesn’t work.
I can control the garage door from the app and its all connected I also tried changing the scan interval but that didn’t do anything either.

Does anyone know if I am missing something or is it defective sadly?

This can be related to some unusual settings I saw on your unit including scan period (set to 5 seconds, default is 1 second) and threshold (set to 80, default is 10). Please try default values and let me know if the issue persists.

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Thanks for the fast reply, I changed the timing back to 1 second and the threshold to 10 and now it appears to be working again. :slight_smile:

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Happened again, tonight my garage door was randomly open and would not close from the app. Had to manually close it using the remote and now no laser again and the door is reporting open. Please let me know what I’m doing wrong?

I’m going to unplug it for now for fear of it opening again during the night tonight and will power it back on 10 hours from now.

Powered up the unit again this morning but still no laser.

Let me know if the laser doesn’t come back after another power-cycle.
In that case I’ll email you the RMA so we can take a look at it here.

Thanks again for the reply, I unplugged the USB cable and let the unit power down and powered it up again but still no laser.

I’m happy to send it back if you wanted to have a look at it because I do love the product and how great it integrates to everything just want it to stay working lol

We’ll check it out. RMA info is in PM.

Hello. I’m having the exact same experience here on a refurbished model, working for several months fine. Laser not returning with all actions and has been dropping it’s online status several times now, the most resent is right now where I am locked outside and need to pay a locksmith holiday retes. Can I please be guided through the RMA process also?

Laser may stop blinking if unit loses the connection. If you unable to operate the door at all, the issue is not related to laser. Please PM me the device ID of your unit and I’ll check out what is going on with it.