LiftMaster BMT5011 Security +

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Hello Good Day:

I got a LiftMaster BMT5011 Security + Door operator, it has a 12 v single button and receiver installed.

Denis from online chat support told me this is not compatible with Garadget . That I have to install a bypass.

But I still hope I can wire the Garadget directly to the operator.

I really would appreciate your help.

This is what I got…



Hi, Francisco.
Denis here again. You can use your opener if you connect Garadget to that wireless controller you showed in your pictures. Find out which button (S2 or S3) controls the opener and then connect Garadget’s control wire to that button (2 contacts on the same side).



I have the same garage door I’m trying to connect my garadget to. Attached is a picture of the wireless controller connected to the garage door opener. Can you tell me what 2 connections to use?



From the picture I can’t identify a connection for a single contact control.
Also the manual only covers the control with multiple buttons. You may need to use a native wireless remote as workaround.



The picture I attached is the Radio for the remote units. On the right side of the lettering lift-master is the white button (Large) which opens and closes the garage door. The previous poster has a picture of the radio with the 3 tabs at the top and large whitesh yellow button to open and close the door. I was hoping 2 of the 3 tabs at the top are where I connect my garadget. I looked at the link you sent and wonder if this pdf showing the 2 black wires and ground (Upper right) are the connections to my radio and are the ones I need to connect my garadget.
pg-23.pdf (113.6 KB)



Or are those the AC lines to run the unit. This is the only wiring schematic I can see that show any external connection. Is there a way I can test the 3 tabs to determine which ones to use? Since this is the radio unit, I think this would be the most logical location to connect my Garadget.



I took the radio apart. Pictures attached.
Red and White wires appear to be current running to a relay.
Black wire is a signal wire that runs to the push button switch opening and closing the door via a resistor. any ideas which wires to tap?



I wouldn’t recommend just trying to different connections as shorting random wires is not a great approach. If the white button operates the opener, then you should be able to connect Garadget to its leads. Can you make pictures of the button on the board and corresponding reverse side of the PCB?



Attached are the Component and Circuit sides of the PCB. In my previous photos, I have a probe pointing to the white wire on the circuit side.



Is door controlled by the button on the right S2B or on the left S2A.


I suspect that by either. Whichever button works for opening and closing the door you can hook up Garadget to it:




Thank you! That makes sense and it works like a champ. I’m attaching a couple photos for anyone in the future who might need the same assistance.

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