Liftmaster MT5011U Commercial Opener Connection

Had to purchase a new commercial garage door opener replacing my BMT5011. This new opener has the 315mhz remote built on the main circuit board and also has the safety sensors which my old opener didn’t have. I can’t figure out where to wire in the Garadget. Any ideas?

LiftMaster, MT, MT5011U, commercial door operator, trolley, installation manual.pdf (2.8 MB)

Yep, here’s the connection:


That’s great. I’m not seeing it on the PCB. The connections on the MB are OPEN, CLOSE, STOP, COMMON, and LEARN. What two connections are to be shorted, schematic as you posted make sense but not clear on the actual connections on the board.

Please send the pictures of the terminal block and the PCB if you can. I’ll try to match the documentation to the actual connections.

Thanks! Here are the pictures.

Based on the sticker in your picture I’ve located the manual which more accurately represents the board in the picture:

On this one I don’t see a connection for a single button controls. The possible workaround is to use a compatible wireless remote and connect Garadget’s terminals to the button inside of it.