Location based alerts in Android


Thanks. I’m set with timeout and night alert.

I’m not able to set up location based alerts on my Android. Are there any known issues? As soon as I enable that alert, it is not detecting the location and toggles back to being disabled. Any pointers as to what might be wrong?

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First thing I’d check if location services are enabled in the system globally and for the app specifically.


Thanks. I’ve confirmed that location is globally enabled and also enabled for garadget app.


See if reinstall of the app helps with that. This is the first report of this issue so it may be something specific to that handheld.


I tried reinstalling, restarting… Nothing seems to work. But it works on my spouse iPhone. Not sure if it’s device/is specific. FWIW, mine is Android 6.0 device. XT1575.


There’s also a beta version of the app you can try out.


Good evening, I just got my garadget installed. It all seems to work so far except I am having the same issue with the location feature. I am using a Samsung S8+. Location is enabled on phone and app. I have also tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling. I did a phone reboot as well. The location feature will not stay enabled nor does it pick up my location. Just documenting that this in another installation.


Thanks for your report. We’ll get this on the list.
Meanwhile please consider using Departure/Arrival IFTTT applets for this.