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I just completed installation of this gadget onto an ios device. The app offers a feature with ‘Location’ that can be enabled with subsequent Door Radius set at different values (15 meters-500 meters). When enabled, will the door open at designated radius?


Hello William,
Thank you for supporting Garadget. With the stock apps, there is no door action without explicit command from the user. The radius feature is to notify when you’re leaving the neighborhood with the garage open. You can setup the behavior you described with IFTTT applet.

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Would be handy if the app/phone knew i was driving towards my house and opened the door for me :wink:

I’m not having any luck using this feature. I can turn it on but the android app wouldn’t let me select any radius. I have the permission on as well. I see the google map.

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Do you see the dropdown box above the map with the choices for radius values?

I have the same issue as Hoserj. I do have the drop down box listing different distances of which none are selectable.

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Yes. 15mm all the way to over 200. when I choose, say 200m, it won’t change the initial default of 15mm. It won’t save anything and will show Location as not enabled the next time. The other alerts work good. Great Job!

Whenever I turn on ‘LOCATION’ in the Garadget app, and the phone sleeps, anytime I go back in to check, I always have to turn it back on again. But even when it is on, it doesn’t work. I have no way to enter a “LOCATION” (current location that is) so it doesn’t know if I’m within 15 meters (meters?! are you serious?! What happened to imperial beside metric???) radius of the Garadget itself (my home).

How does this work? I’ve reinstalled and reset the device as well as the app itself to no avail…


To enter the location, please scroll the map to where you want to place the center of the circle, then press and hold. Please use the drop down to select the radius.

Please keep in mind that for the battery conservation, Garadget relies on low power location services based off cellular and WiFi signals. This may result in the events triggering not at the exact distance as configured.

15 meters is about 49 feet

Thanks for the reply.

OK. Now what? I did what you wrote and nothing happens. The door doesn’t open when I get glose (100 feet) when set to 25 meters. When I go back in the app, the location feature is off and there is no indication of any settings.

For security reasons Garadget apps do not operate your doors without the explicit command from user. The location feature notifies you when you’re leaving the area while the door is closed. You can find a more detailed description in this post.

The behavior you’re describing can be achieved with IFTTT applet.

BTW: what is your platform? iOS or Android?