Lost connection and realized that I can't reset it

Hi Denis,
Having been a user of two of the units since 2017, recently I recommended this to my professor. After several months of usage it suddenly stopped connecting to the local wifi. Now it simply blinks green. I took it back to my place, and was trying to reset the unit to reestablish the connection by resetting it. Then I realized the M button is physically stuck.(It’s so hard I can’t even push it down). Did you do anything to get rid of the M button? What is the proper way to reset it nowadays?

Thank you for being a long time customer. It wouldn’t be possible to block a mechanical function of the button remotely so it’s likely something simple like plastic sticking together or cobwebs.
Please try pushing it sideways in all directions with some blunt object. This should widen the opening in the enclosure and loosen anything that might have built up over time and caused the button to stick.
If nothing else, you can take the main enclosure apart (two screws accessed from the bottom) and use the button while the main PCB is powered outside of the case.

Hi Denis,
Just like you said, after pushing the button side ways several times, it’s working now.
I tried to set it up following the app’s instruction. But it failed:
Setup Failed
Garadged did not come online as expected.
However, the led is slowly blinking cyan/light blue(maybe white?) once per 5 seconds.
I remember this means it should be online, what could be wrong?

Nevermind, it is working now.
It seems to be just the wifi of the tablet/phone didn’t automatically switch back to my router.

Additionally, where can I buy the target reflective paper? My prof lost his box…

You can order additional stickers here.