Lost Wifi and credentials

I have had Garadget for years now. What I really hate about the otherwise reliable gadget is that is won’t reconnect to the wifi network once it looses connection (it shouldn’t loose connection in the first place, but OK, I get that that depends on a lot of factors). I have to manually unplug the power and plug it in again for the gadget to regain wifi and thus internet access. Then it always asks to logon again. Wouldn’t it be nice if the gadget would just try to reconnect itself if wifi was lost? Or wouldn’t it be nice to have it reboot if it encounters problems with wifi (but of course not every couple of minutes, but say every hour) until wifi was re-established?

Garadget’s normal behavior is to reconnect to WiFi if it loses the connection. There must be something else at play in your case. For the experiment I would try rebooting the router on purpose to see if Garadget reconnects automatically when the network is back.

OK. It reconnects. I did notice something strange: the SSID was empty before I turned off the wifi routers in my home. After the routers came back on, the connection was re-established, now with the SSID name. This still doesn’t explain why Garadget sometimes looses connection (which we don’t notice until we need it, since most of the time we use the RF remote to open and close the garage – only when we forget the remote or need to open remotely do we realise the connection was lost many days ago…). Again: the least Garadget could do if it failed to connect for several hours is a reboot…

Mine has always automatically reconnected.

Mine used to do the same, the culprit in my case was that band steering was turned on in the router settings, once I turned off band steering Garadget has been 100% reliable.