Low reflection - Sticker or laser?

Hello friends,

So I got a new garage door opener and wired the Garadget up to it, that all works fine but the thing is not nearly as stable as the previous opener so my laser seems to be pointing somewhere else every time it runs. The stickers are not covering sufficient space so I tried reflective tape:

I am having inconsistent success though. Initially I was getting 6% reflecting but now it’s down to 4%.

My question is, is the tape not reflective enough? If now, what would be? If it is, then is it a problem with the laser? How can I replace the laser? Maybe I just need to clean…something?

The garage has no windows and it’s dark as a cave in there with only 2% ambient light so I don’t expect that is a factor.

Thank you!

The reflective stickers that come with Garadget and spares available in the garadget store are of the better quality than typical automotive/marine tape sold online. This can be part of the issue.
It doesn’t hurt to wipe the reflectors and sensor optics with the q-tips. I would try swapping the power adapter. Any USB charger will work for this purpose. Rarely laser is a problem but it is possible to replace it, the info on this can be found in this forum.

If I am reading this correctly, the laser moves to a different every time your garage door opener operates. If you have the Garadget attached to the opener, this could very easily cause the problem. I have my Garadget attached to the ceiling next to the opener. This way it is very stable. Just trying to make the target area bigger doesn’t really address the problem. You need the laser to consistently hit pretty much the same spot on the wall. Hope this helps.


@RevN3 - I have shared elsewhere on here a link to the plastic reflectors I use on my door. Got them at a farm store or home depot or similar. Long oval, plastic reflectors that one might mount on sticks near the end of a driveway. Surface area is around 4-5 inches. They work great for me.

The other post about the laser being moved by the garage door opener when it runs is totally on point, too. I mounted my garadget to the metal straps coming down from my ceiling, rather than the device. The opener moved my laser around too much.

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That makes sense on both counts. I’ll try repositioning first.