Marantec Highline 10.2

Hi All. I thought it might be interesting for people to know that I figured out how to install Garadget with a Marantec Highline 10.2 which does not have a wired open/close button. It’s actually quiet simple: connect the two wires to connections 1 and 2 at the connector which is called XB01 in the manual. Works like a charm. The only thing I still have to find out is how to actuall fix the wires (I just pushed them in and it works, but I suppose fixing them with screws or so would be better). The connector sits roughly above the light, so you don’t have to open anything.

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Congrats on your successful Garadget install!
Please post a picture of your final setup when you’re done fixing the wires.

Just a small addition to the Marantec door: it was actually very simple to fix the cables: just push in the red buttons above the opening with a small screw driver, push in the cable and release the button: that’s it. Here is a photo of the result.

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Those look like the connectors on my opener and are a spring loaded push fit so don’t need any screws to hold the wires into the terminal.