Marantec - M4500 Opener - will this work?

Does anyone know if the Garadget is compatible with a Marantec M-4500? Link to manual:


Yes, see Page 15 Fig. 32


You connect Garadget to terminals numbered 3 and 4.

It definitely works. One problem that you may encounter is with mounting Garadget to the curved bottom of the Marantec. The vibration of the unit allowed the laser dot to float. The float area was much larger than the reflective dot. The solution was to enlarge the reflective area. The first tape I purchased was not reflective enough. The second (XFasten Reflective Tape, White and Silver, 2 Inches by 5 Yards at Amazon) was identical material to the reflective disk that came with Garadget. I made a one foot square and haven’t had a problem since. Obviously you need to attach the unit as tightly as possible, but the curved body of the opener does not mate well with the Garadget.

Yes I have 3 and all work great. I mounted mine to the ceiling instead of the unit for multiple reasons. Have had them for almost a year now. Make sure you edit the door open time appropriate as while they are quiet they are slow.