Mounting device securely - zip ties

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I was having trouble getting the device to stay securely attached to the bottom of the garage door opener with the double sided tape. It shifted from the vibration of the opener and the laser moved causing it to miss the reflective tape on the garage door.
I was looking for other places to tape the device, but then I tried a different approach. I attached the device with zip ties around the garage door opener, and then shimmed it tight to keep it secure. The laser has hit the tape consistently since installing this way.


i did initialy with double side sticky tape but it walk around locaiton and not hit the mirror, and after just fix with screw - it’s perfect for few months.


I didn’t have any trouble with it but if yours vibrates excessively, you don’t have to mount the Garadget device to the opener. You can mount it against the stud in your picture or ceiling and have the laser pointed to the reflector with the wire connected to the opener.


I had to use hot glue. After I did that I had no more issues and looks great.