MQTT command not accepted

Hi All,

I’ve been using Garadget for at least 2 years. Everything was working fine, but about a week ago something should have happened, and I am not able to send commands to it through MQTT. The iOS application is still working (I can manage the device, and open/close the door with it), the channel is OK, MQTT broker is working. Status info is also sent from the device through MQTT. Only the commands I send are not accepted by the device.

I tried to change the name of the channel, but the situation is the same.

Anyone has any idea about this?


Is it possible that something changed with your MQTT server? Mosquitto rolled out version 2.0 in December, which enabled authentication by default. I’m running Debain on a Raspberry Pi and the upgrade just hit me today, so I ended up reconfiguring my garadget to authenticate with Mosquitto.

Mosquitto 2.0 blog release

I have other MQTT devices as well, and they are all working. And Mosquiitto has not been upgraded.
So there should be anything else…

Any other idea from anybody?