My Garadget started going offline/online over and over and is flooding my iphone with notifications

I thought it would have settled down by now. It’s starting to get really annoying.

Any help is appreciated!


There are many places where the connectivity problem can occur:

  • WiFi connection between Garadget and your Router/LAN (look for continuous fast green LED blinking)
  • between your LAN and your service provider (look for continuous fast cyan LED blinking)
  • intermittent connection issue at your service provider (same as above)
  • service interruption in Particle cloud platform (same as above)

If the problem is local then it can be caused by weak signal or radio interference or by router configuration/stability problem. Radio interference issues are difficult to diagnose because of their intermittent nature. Try taking note at what times this happen and what appliances are active when it happens.

If your unit returns online each time immediately after disconnect then you can just disable the notification. The app will show if device is offline when you use it.

I had this problem and it was caused by the vibration of the door motor shaking the usb connector, so the garadget would lose power. I taped the usb connector firmly into the garadget and I have had no problems since. Try this, if nothing else works.

I powered everything (modem, router, garadget, etc.) down and up again and it works now.

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