My unit keeps going to off-line mode

It seems my unit is just about dead. It keeps going to off-line mode. I can press the R button but the laser will only blink a few times and then it just goes back into off-line mode. I’m pretty sure I need a replacement. It never done this before and nothing has changed in my set up or network.

Anyone have any idea? By the way my unit is several years old.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is causing me a lot of inconvenience.

What is the LED indication on your Garadget when it goes offline?
Try replacing a power supply and cable. Any USB charger will work for this purpose.

I replaced the USB power supply and that seems to have addressed the issue.

The light was a solid pale blue when it was offline. Now it is a slowly pulsing brighter intensity but darker shade of blue.

I will reply here if it fails again.

Thanks for the fast turn-around on the help!


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Funny. My older unit just started the exact same thing (offline with solid blue light) about two weeks ago. I replaced the power supply and it’s working much better. However, it had one offline bout that corrected itself since.

Update - I found one of my wires that connects to the garage door opener (in parallel with the wall switch) came loose. Once I secured it properly, my Garadget works perfectly again.

I have the exact same pronlem with one of the two I have had for a few years now. I replaced the power cable as when I wiggled the old one the power would go off.

Ive fitted a new power cable but the unit will not connect to the wifi, I’m just seeing a flashing green light even when i press the ‘R’ button.

Dstill, did you find the cause of your issue and/or fix it?

To be honest, after i changed the power cable I just tried resetting and going through the process until it eventually connected. However, last week it went off again and cannot connect to the wifi!

I had multiple issues- power supply, loose wires, and bad cable. If one of yours suddenly won’t connect to WiFi when it had no problem before, then you might try swapping your units and see if the problem follows the hardware. If it is hardware, the external antenna mod might help. Otherwise, I would try to get a replacement