Need help with Stopped

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is there an override to the stopped status? I closed the door as I was leaving and my cat tripped the safety censor and I could not get it to close. it was raining and I had to get out of my car and push the button. I just purchased and was not too happy with this, is there a work around? other than this I really like the product.


The door can be restarted from the stopped state in web app. This will also be supported in upcoming mobile app updates.


I had the same issue. Looking forward to the fix. It would be nice to have some kind of a notification that the door was obstructed if the closed door reflection isn’t sensed after a predetermined time from a close command. In this state the door icon should show open.


@twarner, you can enable the notification for the stopped state.

When closed confirmation does not come within the expected time, Garadget has no way of knowing if the door is fully opened or somewhere in between so to distinguish from the normal open state, the UI shows the stopped state as half-open.