New App: Door opens but graphic does not reflect open door

Downloaded the new app and have the following issues, which were working on the old app:

  1. Click to open and graphic shows opening then after 2 seconds shows 100% and closed. But garage door is continuing to open

  1. Clicking once to close does nothing. Since the graphic shows closed, even with the actual garage door open, it does nothing. The actual garage does not close

  2. I need to double click the graphic to get the actual garage to close, but the graphic does not show that is was open, so continues to show closed

Please remember with the old app, the open and closing graphics reflected the actual garage door open and close actions.

My sensor info: Reflection: 97%,; Scan Period: every 10 seconds; Sensor Threshold: 10%
My door info: Door Motion TIme: 15 seconds; Relay On Time: 1.0 seconds; Relay Off Time: 1.0 seconds

Thanks for your help.

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I’d recommend setting the scan period to 1 second and power-cycling the controller (unplug the power adapter from the outlet and plug it back few moments later). Please PM me your device ID if that doesn’t resolve the issue.