New iOS App

New iOS app is now publicly available in app store:

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What’s New:

  • Complete in-house redesign
  • New Gestures - additionally to tapping the door image, you can swipe it up to open, or swipe down to close
  • Tap the door in motion to stop it
  • Reporting for sensor health and ambient light in the garage
  • Deleting doors from account
  • Additional authentication mode for actions/edits only
  • Improved new device setup wizard
  • Added support for landscape orientation and larger screens
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Early access is now available to those interested.

Seems we need to setup our devices again when using the new app? Is that right? Just want to be sure it’s not changing anything else, as I run Homebridge and want to be sure I don’t need to change the device IDs/Access Token in the config.json?


I noticed the same thing too. However, I simply quit the app - make sure you bring up the App Switcher and swipe up to completely quit and close the App, and relaunch it again. The 2nd time I launched it the App simply picks up my Garadget and I didn’t have to set it up again.

I did however, noticed the Authentication option/setting seemed a bit flaky. I’ve set mine to use Face ID and to always ask for authentication, but sometimes is does and sometimes it doesn’t appear to ask for authentication…

Anyone noticed this re the Face ID authentication?

Make sure you click on “Existing Account” in initial screen. The default form is for new account creation.

The auth is not required if you just logged in or if you have already authorized within the same session. If app becomes inactive then you will be asked to re-authorize upon return or for first action depending on the mode you selected.

Well I’m in now, seems exiting and coming back did the trick. I did do the existing account part, but after entering my creds it took me to setup. Maybe I’m mistaken? Anyhow, all is good now. Thanks! Will send feedback as a I find it!

What does this refer to? Is this additional sensor data, and if so will this be available via MQTT?

Those values are already available in MQTT. See sensor and bright parameters in status request:

New iOS app is now available in the app store at:

Like the new app. Thanks for all the hard work. Shows so much more info. I like it.

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Join the testing group to be among first to get an early preview of the new features in iOS app. Here are some of the improvements you’ll find in current version being tested:

  • resolved invalid_token message
  • added quick actions to app icon
  • updated libraries and SDKs