New router

Hi, I’ve just installed a new router and the Garaget obviously won’t connect until I put in the new password, where do I put the password.

Thanks in advance.

Press and hold “M” button until LED blinks dark blue.
Connect your phone, tablet or WiFi enabled computer to PHOTON-XXXX WiFi access point.
Navigate browser to
Select your new WiFi router, enter password and submit the form.
If credentials are correct Garadget will go back to slowly pulsing cyan.

Hi Denis, for some reason, no matter what I try I can’t connect to the site thought the link in your post?

For this link to work you need to be first connect your phone/computer to PHOTON-XXXX WiFi access point provided by Garadget. Please follow the above steps in the exact order and let me know if it doesn’t work.

Hi, I’ve tried this, the web page says saving credentials then I get an error message saying check that you are still well connected to the devices WiFi hotspot and retry. I’ve done this multiple times to no avail. The garaget then his back to rapid flashing green.

Please try the same from your WiFi enabled laptop or tablet. Some smartphones are configured to fall back to the cellular data connection if they can’t reach interned through the connected WiFi access point.

Thanks for all the help, all working great now. I ended up using an Apple device as I’ve never had success setting up the units with Android.

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When I navigate my browser to, I get a blank screen and it stays blank.

This could be the case if your unit has older firmware released before embedded web interface was added. If this is the case, you can still use the mobile app to re-connect your Garadget.