Night alerts not working, Android

I live in an HOA community and we often forget to close our garage door. Anywhere from 11pm to 2am we get a call from security telling us our door is open. :frowning:

I’ve tried setting night alerts on 3 different devices but they have yet to work. I assume garadget gets it’s time from the device it’s installed on such as my phone. I’ve experimented for hours trying to get it to work. Open/Close alerts work fine but not the “Close your damn door idiot!” alerts at night.

Thanks in advance.

The issue may have to do with the incorrect time zone.
Regardless of the night setting I would recommend the timeout alert. Night or day if the door stays open for too long you’ll get an alert.

I use an IFTTT recipe that automatically closes the door at midnight if it is open. It is a generic recipe, just link your garadget account to IFTTT.