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I’ve had my Garadget working well for about a week. I can open/close the garage door using the iPhone app with no problems. Getting the current status of the garage door is 100% accurate. The time zone is set correctly to (GMT-800 +DST) Pacific Time (US & Canada).

But I rarely get alerts on my iPhone 6 plus.

I’ve done a few test scenarios:

1st scenario
No event alerts, Timeout Alert at 5 minutes, Night Alerts enabled from 9pm - 9am.
With this setting, when the garage door is open for more 5 minutes at any time of day or night, I do not get any alerts on my iPhone. When the garage door is opened at night, say 11pm, I get no alerts on my iPhone.

2nd scenario
Open event alert is turned on, Timeout Alert at 5 minutes, Night Alerts enabled from 9pm - 9am.
With this setting, I get an alert any time the garage door is opened. Still no timeout alerts after 5 minutes. During night hours, I get two alerts; one for garage open event, and one for night alert.

I’ve tested these scenarios dozens of times with the Garadget app open, in the background, and closed. It doesn’t seem to make any difference. In the iPhone settings, notifications are turned on for the Garadget app.

My Settings screen shows:
ID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Name garage door
Status open
Last Contact 2016-11-13
Firmware version 1.8 (was I supposed to get an update today?)

Wifi SSID xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Signal Strength excellent (-19dB)
IP xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Gateway xxxxxxxxxxxxx
IP Mask xxxxxxxxxxxx
MAC xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Reflection 0 (when the garage door is closed, the reflection is 95)
Scan Period Every 2 seconds
Sensor Reads 3
Sensor Threshold 25

Door Motion Time 12 seconds
Relay On Time 0.3 seconds
Relay Off Time 1.0 seconds

So what I can figure out is that the actual hardware is working fine. The app is not working.


I thought it was just me. iphone 6 plus + 10 ios


I have the same issue. Up until yesterday morning everything was working fine, my wife (iphone) and I (android) were getting all the notifications (close / open / offline / etc) then all the sudden it stopped working. I’ve:
-reinstalled the app
-reboot the device
-turn off/on all the alarms

and no changes still not getting any alarms. I enabled the e-mail alarms from the web console and those are working.
The garage door is 100% functional just the notifications are not working.


Looks like the notification service needed the reboot.
Please check now.


Still the same issue. Do i need to reboot the device or something else?


Reset will not hurt, but I’d say just do re-subscribe in the “alert” tab: disable all alerts and enable the ones you want.


After some more testing, I’ve come to the conclusion that the iPhone app is definitely broken.
I enabled email notifications and all the alerts I expected are delivered to my email. Staring at my iPhone as these emails are being received, nothing happens and none of these alerts or notifications ever shows up. Perhaps it has something to do with the recent IOS 10.1.1 update. This is on an iPhone 6 plus.


I just re-tested the notifications on latest iOS and they are working fine.
Please PM me the device ID and I’ll trace the subscription records for your account.


My observation is that opening/closing the door from the iPhone does not generate an alert to that device, but it does still operate the door opener. For example, I have just opened the door using the phone app and the door opened ok. No open alert on the iPhone but I did receive a close alert when I used the physical door button. My iPad received both the open and close alerts.


@Rob_UK, while testing please keep in mind that alerts on the device are suppressed while the app is active. To see if subscribed push notifications are coming through, exit to the home screen or to another app.


Ah. That explains my observation. It’s not a problem since I initiated the operation from that device anyway. The main thing is that I do receive alerts when the door opens/closes unexpectedly - usually when I catch the remote control fastening my seatbelt which is why I bought garadget in the first place.


Yes, this app behavior is intentional.


The original poster does say that he is using the app to initiate the door operation so perhaps that’s why he isn’t seeing alerts on the phone.


Hello, I just tried opening and closing using the wall switch while app on my iPhone 6 Plus wasn’t active.

Still no alerts were received at all, can you please help diagnose the issue?


@NKG, please PM me the device ID and I’ll check things on the server side.


Denis, I just PM you my device ID.


I couldn’t find any active iOS device subscriptions for the push notification from that device. Please try temporarily disabling and then enabling one of the notifications from the new app.


Please see the screenshot from the app and help guide me if I’m setting the alerts incorrectly.


There are no incorrect settings in the app, but something is not sticking with the push notifications.
Can you check if notifications are allowed for the Garadget app in the system’s settings.
For troubleshooting you can also try the legacy app or web app to see if alerts work there.

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