No longer receiving alerts on phone

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I guess is working on my wifes cellphone but not on my. Strange


Please try toggling one of the alerts off and back on to make the app re-subscribe to the notifications.


Still not working. I even uninstalled the app and download/install new one.


Please PM me the device ID of your unit and I’ll investigate the issue.


Good Morning
Last few nights my garadget notification goes on/off for no reason. I double checked everything and looks ok. Only happens at night time 9pm-12pm est. Is that something to do with server? Only thing I changed, I added power strip so it can be power surge protected.
Thank you


Can you please explain the situation in more details. Do you receive multiple false notifications at night?
Are those open/close or offline/online notifications?


These are open/close notifications, only at night, I checked the laser point and its right in the middle of the sticker where is should be, very weird. My on/offline notifications are disable, i can turn them on so I can see if this is wifi connection issue


If you receive false open/close notification, please check the reflection rate in settings. Something must be interfering with the laser.



It looks good now, but the reflection has to go below 20 for the notifications to fire. Please check the reflection at the time of the notifications.



Changed my email account to a new one to solve an IFTTT issue and re synced the product.
Works fine no problem except alerts. My wife iPhone receives all alerts as expected, (in fact she was receiving them before I logged out and reloaded in to our new garage account), however, I don’t get any.
Phone settings are correct in Notifications. Same for App. All switched on in the App. Tested several times, she gets them I don’t. Bizarre!! Logged out and in again, no luck. Any thoughts?


Is there a fix for the Alerts only going to one phone? I am also having the same issue.


Please login on the additional phone and toggle one of the alerts off and later back on.


I read all the messages in the comments about the false alerts. Should I try to shade the reflector or shade the Garadget unit from the ambient light ? I have tried everything… still getting false alerts.


What is the reflection rate reported by your Garadget.
Does it depend on the time of day or light in your Garage?


Yes 97% at night and when the sun come up it drops to single digits. What area do I need to shade? The reflector or the unit?


Either the source of light or the sensor.
I’d go with the sensor, because covering windows defeats their purpose.
Another solution is to change the location of the reflective sticker so the sensor is not pointed at the window. It can go on the lower panel of the door or on the wall right above the door’s edge.


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