No notifications?

Anyone else not getting notifications?

Nothing has changed on my end. Same phone (Android 10), wifi, garadget.

I checked all the obvious, alerts are on in the app, notifications are allowed on the phone, app is set to never sleep. Android says the Garadget app has not sent any recent notifications.

I cleared cache, wiped data in the app, Uninstalled, reinstalled. Turned alerts off in the app, logged out logged back in, turned the alerts back on…

They were working about 2 weeks ago.

Im a little baffled.

Same here. Running Android 11 on Pixel 5 and notifications were working a few days ago. Android knows the notifications are being sent because I can look at the notifications under settings and see when garadget last sent one but it never shows up in my notification bar.

Well apparently it’s not getting sent out so I don’t know what the issue is. I added email notifications and they are not being sent either so I’m assuming it’s on Garadget’s side.

Thank you for the report.
Please check now.

All good now! Thanks!!!

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No notifications to either iPhone or iPad. Checked Settings: Alerts and everything seems to be set correctly.

Second question: I have two different versions of Garadget on my iPhone. The icons look very much alike. Is there a way to id the version from the icon?

Current version has a darker green without gradient. To be sure you can uninstall both and re-install current version from the app store. Let me know if notification issue persists after the reinstall.

I’m not getting notifications for what seems a few weeks now. Everything is up to date and notification settings are correct in app and phone.

Connectivity is fine because I can accurately see when the door was last open/closed.


iPhone 11 Pro Max

Never mind they seem to be working after toggling alerts in the app and rebooting my phone. I’ll post back if they break again.

I deleted all the garadget icons and started over. Walla! Working just fine now.


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