Not working when sharing wires

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I have a Craftsman Diehard (2012 model). Followed instructions as directed - pretty easy. The strange thing is that when sharing the wiring into garage as noted in typical installations, garage opens only once and then does not follow commands thereafter. Garadget app shows functionality but commands don’t register with the Craftsman. HOWEVER, when you remove Craftsman wires and leave Garadget wiring in by themselves, then Garadget works fine. The Craftsman just doesn’t want to share the wiring. Is this because Garadget wire gauge isn’t the same as Craftsman? Do I need to swap out Garadget wiring for something consistent with Craftsman?


The gauge of the wires doesn’t matter because there are no significant currents involved.
There is some other factor (like vibration) that might be at play here.

What do you get when you disconnect the wires from Garadget’s terminal and short the exposed ends with the screwdriver? Are you able to issue more than one command in this way with the wall button connected?


… and to make sure the contact is consistent you can twist each of the the wires from the wall button together with wires from Garadget before inserting them into the opener’s terminals.


We must be on the same wave length, haha. I just tried twisting the wires. No luck.

The only function I can do from Garadget is close the door from the open position. When pressing open, it tries, but is unsuccessful. The screen motions that it is attempting to open, but reverts back to close.


If wires are twisted, we can assume that the wiring is reliable.
Did you get any results by shorting the wire on Garadget’s end? That’s what essentially happens when you issue the command.


My apologies for the delayed response. Tell me how to short the wires - just want to make sure I do it right. Thanks!


You short them by establishing the electrical contact between the two exposed conductors… You can hold the screwdriver by the isolated handle and touch both wires with its metal part.


Hello, when shorting the wires, the garage closes or opens.


Are you able to issue more than one command in with the shorting of the wire?


I’m not sure what you mean, but I can either close the garage with one short and open it with another short.


In your initial post you mentioned that you can use Garadget to issue one command, but following commands are ignored. Now that you redid and verified wiring, please try connecting them back to Garadget and test again via the app.


After shorting and confirming open and close commands are executed, I reattached wires into Garadget. And then used the app. I was able to execute a close command but the open command did not work. I opened the garage using a garage opener remote and then attempted to close the garage with the app. This did not work either.

Is there a possibility of Radio frequency interference?


In one customer’s case the older opener was casing a lot of current through the relay so the contacts were getting fused for some time after each command. Because relay remained closed, it interfered with the wall button operation. Please try using the wall button right after you use Garadget to see if this is a similar case.


Hi Denis, no luck on the latest suggestion.

But here’s an added observation: when clicking the app, I can hear a faint “ting” from the Garadget unit. So, there’s no doubt the command is reaching the unit - the garage opener just isn’t responding to the command.


I’m not sure what constitutes “luck” in the experiment I suggested. Were you able to control the door with the wall button shortly after you issued the command via the garadget?

If you hear the “ting” then relay in garadget works.
BTW: what color learn button is on your opener?


The learn button is purple


Good, purple is easy.
Please let me know the outcome of the experiment with the use of wall button in the wake of Garadget command.