Nothing Happening

Hello, I have installed the device and connected to the WIFI, added the door and everything looks good. But, Door is NOT opening or closing. I have liftmaster garage door opener and I connected the Gardget to the Left side of the connection wires. I’m getting alerts to the phone when opened or closed the door. But, could NOT control the door from my phone. Please advise.

Does the door start moving when you short circuit two screws in the Garadget’s blue terminal with some conductor?

I just did, the door is NOT moving but, the up arrow and down arrow on the Garage door is blinking . Did I connected to the Garage wrong way? I can send you the pic if necessary.

Sure, please send the pic and model number.

I have a Liftmaster garage door opener and just installed the Garadget and while it will show the door position, open or closed, it will not cycle the door. Reading in the forum I see someone else has this issue. Is there a solution? Shorting the connector on the rear of the garage door opener also does not cycle the door which is something that most will do… Let me know, thx…

This might sound random, but what is the color of the “learn” button in the back of your opener?

The learn button is Yellow…

Your opener doesn’t have the terminals for a regular wall button, but there is a workaround for this issue.
Please see these posts for more information and examples of successful setup.