Noticed that Garadget app will not complete on a 5ghz band on a router

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After failing to complete the application to install the and find the Garadget device on a 5ghz band of a tri band router. I swapped to another device and was relieved to have the installation completed. I then went back to my original device and switched over to the 2.4 ghz band and found that the android device would now connect without problem.

Just curious if anyone else was aware of the issues with multi band routers?


Garadget supports common 2.4GHz band. 5GHz is not supported.
If you experience issues setting up, please make sure your use different SSID for different bands.


Ok… I didn’t see that before…

Anyways, I have a liftmaster proffesional opener, and the connection terminals are colored Red, White, White, Grey. From what I’ve gathered the connection from the Garadget should go in the two leftmost terminals, (red & White respectively). However there are already wires connected in every terminal on the opener. Should I be placing the garadget device wires into the these terminals as well? Or should I remove the other two wires on the left and replace with the garadget wires? Please advise… thank you…


You put Garadget’s wire next to the wires that are already there (they’re coming from the wall button).
If you pull them out, the wall button will stop working.
Please see these posts for more information.