Notification time error


I’m getting notifications that my door opened in my alert window (10pm to 6am) when the time is 6:55am. I’ve checked my time zone and it is correctly set to Eastern+DST.


Thanks for the report. Let’s try to figure this out.
Please try resetting your garadget by pressing “R”. Do you still get the alert when door opens between 6 and 7am?


I pressed the “R” button this afternoon. We’ll see tomorrow morning.


Well, it looks like the “R” button may have fixed it. I opened after 6am and before 7am without the alert. However, I have not verified just after 10pm or just before 6am (my alert setting) yet.


Give that a try and let me know if you get any unexpected results.


My neighborhood lost power early this morning for less than a minute. When I open the garage at 6:57am, I got the alert again stating the door opened between 6am and 10 pm. Is there an internal clock in the unit or does it get its time from a server? Strange that a power outage would effect the clock sync. Isn’t a power outage kind of like hitting the “R” button?


Yes, cutting the power to Garadget has similar effect as resetting it with “R” button. The controller syncs the time from the server, but the issue is likely to do with your time zone setting in night alerts. Please check that first.


No change since my first post in this thread


This has likely to do with the daylight savings time.
If you’re at the eastern time +DST, the the actual GMT offset is now -4. To test this theory try selecting GMT-4:00 timezone and see if alerts come at the right time.


I’m on Atlantic time (-4) and just got the attached alert

Wouldn’t it be better if the app got its time from the phone instead of a server?


The app doesn’t run on the phone in background. The alert is initiated from the controller and we’re considering moving that to the server.

So you did the reboot/power cycle earlier, right?


Earlier in this thread I rebooted. I haven’t since then. I have to open the garage, pull a car out, set up a 9 foot ladder, then climb up to hit the r button. I’m also trying to get my kids into bed :expressionless:


No urgency. We’ll keep looking into this.


again tonight.