Notification when I open the door from the app? Why?

I have the app on multiple devices. I have the notification on when the door opens (so that I am notified if someone opens the door when I am not home). This works fine.

However, if I open the door from the app, what is the use of the notification to the same device that requested the ooen? Just send it to all OTHER devices, please.

The notifications are suppressed while the Garadget app is active.
If you still get notifications while in the app, this means that they may be coming from another copy of the app or you use web interface while notifications are for the native smartphone app.

If the issue continues, please PM your device ID and I’ll check the notification settings.

I do not think this is enough. The notification should not go to the app that started it at all.

Usual scenario: I open the app when I arrive home (because since I installed the hatdware, my door remote has such a short range that it no longer works from the car, in front of the door), I click to open the door and do not wait for the animation, I close the phone and put it down. Lo and behold, seconds later ding, notification that I opened my own door.