Notifications and emails stopped working today

I am not getting notifications for neither of my Garadgets on my Android phone or tablet. I also stopped getting emails. Yesterday emails and notifications worked fine. Is there an issue with the servers?

Same here. Still works with the widget but I get no notices on either of our cellphones…

…And why do all dental work and garage door openers fail on Friday at 5:00pm?

I rebooted the service, notifications are working in the test account.
Please confirm.

Not working for me at 1750 BST

They are working again. Thanks Denis.

Working now. Thx

Confirmed working again. Thanks!

Mine stopped notifications on 7/7/19. 2 days ago. Reinstalled, powered off, reset. Still no notifications

Mine stopped 2 days ago too. So did email notifications. Last time this occurred, the Garadget server had to be rebooted.

Same here. Last notification was 6 days ago. Deleted the App from my iPhone, reinstalled with no avail.

Notifications just stopped for me a couple of days ago also

I have:

Logged out and in
turned off all alerts
logeed out
logged in and re started alerts
No joy

Have reloaded app as well

All else works fine on app EXCEPT alerts

Any help on how to escalate issue?


Apologies for the outage. Please check if the notifications now and let me know if you still experience the issue.

Mine is working again. Thank you!

My notifications are working again. Thank you!