Notifications Stopped Working


Notifications stopped working yesterday for some reason.
Door still opens and closes when activated, but no alerts to either mobile phones.
Have tried turning off open and closed alerts, have deleted and reinstalled app.
Any other ideas to try?

Same here. Tried reset, power completely off and still no notifications.

Notifications have stopped from our Garadget to both my and my wife’s phones iOS. Tried all the suggestions and nothing has worked.

Same here. Last time time it required a reboot of their server. I assume this will fix it as soon as Denis finds out about it.

Earth to Denis…

Same on my end. It’s been down for several days. Reboot, disable alerts, logout/login, enable alerts didn’t work.

Mine stopped working too about 2 days ago. I searched forum, rebooted the device, logout/login again, uninstall/reinstall app. Nothing worked.

Notifications just stopped for me a couple of days ago also

I have:

Logged out and in
turned off all alerts
logeed out
logged in and see started alerts
No joy

Have reloaded app as well

All else works fine on app EXCEPT alerts

Any help on how to escalate issue?


Mine just stayed working again. I did nothing on my end, but had been down for 2 days till now.

Notifications stopped working 2 days ago.
No update or anything. Tried reinstalling app. Tried resetting device, powered off. Still no notifications.
Server issue?

Same for me. Notifications stopped a couple days ago. No changes to anything. True for both iPhone 8 and iPad. Both stopped getting notifications at same time.

Same here. Notifications began occurring hours after door movement, and now do not work at all. Tried everything from toggling to unplugging and uninstall/reinstall. Android.

Mine mysteriously just started working again. I have been in and out of my garage all evening. I just came back outside and it notified me I opened my door.
Thanks garadget for working again.

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Mine are so late that I forget that I opened the door. I usually get the notifications 30 to 60 minutes later.

No alerts here too. Anyone has found a solution?
Thank you.

Please try logging out and then logging back in.
After that disable one of the status alert and enable it back.
If that doesn’t get the notifications back, please PM me the device ID.
Please keep in mind that the notifications are suppressed when the app is active so while testing, you need to exit to the phone’s home screen and use a native remove or another app to operate the door.