Offline device

Hi I am using your devices for several years of no issue.

In the last two months however one of the devices keeps going off-line. Any suggestions

Please try replacing the power adapter. Any USB charger will work for this purpose.

FWIW - I ran into a similar issue, multiple years of no problems, then going offline all of sudden for periods of the day. I simply unplugged, waited a few seconds, plugged back in…haven’t had an issue since.

I replace the power adapter but four days later I’m off-line again.

I’ve had these things for several years without any issues this just started happening over the last six months

I do have the same situation.
When I unplugged and plug again it comes back online but dyes again within a day or two.

Could the unit have reached its end of life ?

I keep having the offline issue as well. A simple reboot usually fixes the issue. Now I will try a new power adapter.

I posted on a fresh thread about a similar issue I’m having now. In my case, I’m pretty sure it isn’t the charger since it worked when I used it with other devices. I then tried the Garadget with a different charger I know works and I get nothing from the Garadet.

Just an update on my situation. I have two Garadet devices since I have two garage doors. One device kept going offline while the other was always functioning without issue. I would unplug the offline device, it would reboot and work fine for a few hours, sometimes days, but would then go back offline. I switched the power adapter about 4 days ago now and it hasn’t gone offline once. So far, problem solved.

I’m also having the same issue - had my garadget since 2019 with no issues at all but recently it’s started going offline randomly. I’m getting the flashing green light. I’ve tried a different power adaptor / cable and done a device reset but it’s still going offline. I have recently changed wifi router (same SSID and password) and when it’s online it says the signal is good (68db) - I don’t know for sure if it was going offline before I changed the router as I haven’t been opening it much recently and didn’t have alerting turned on for it going offline, so I’m not sure if it’s related to the router or not.

just remembered I had an old wifi extender knocking around so put that in the garage and pointed the Garadget at it… so far so good… stronger wifi signal and pulsing blue light rather than flashing green so my issue probably was due to the removal of the mesh satellite that I had in the garage up till last week…