Offline garage

My garage keeps going offline but if I open it with the opener it will work fine after a few hours . I also replaced the usb cable and hub and still the same issue.

By “hub” do you mean the power adapter?

Yes that is correct

I had similar problems since some weeks.
I had changed all three power adapter, but is not better.
Wifi is top…


Any help or suggestions?

Please PM the device ID of your unit, I’ll check that it is at the latest firmware.
Also, what is the LED indication on your Garadget when you find it offline?

I get the same issue. There is no light on the device when it goes offline. I have to power cycle or push a button and it works for a few weeks. I’ll pm you the device ID.

@Sparty1704: In your case I would try replacing the power adapter first. Any USB charger will work for this purpose.