Offline last 22 hours


The Android mobile app has said it’s been offline for the last 22 hours. I can control the door with my Smartthings app. Is your service experiencing problems now?


Do you get the same report from the web app?


No, the web app seems to be working properly. The Android app is still showing offline - now for 2 days.


Please try to force close or log-out/in. Does that update the time?


Neither fix the problem. When it first started happening, I cleared data and logged in, saw same problem.


Ok, thanks for the info.
I’ll check things out on the server side next. Please PM me the device ID.


ok, pm’d you


Got it, thanks.
Let’s power cycle your unit. Just unplug the power adapter from the outlet and plug it back in after few seconds.
If that doesn’t get the correct reporting, I’ll reflash the firmware.


I power cycled the unit - appears to have fixed the problem. Thank you.