Old School Merlin Power lift model 2500L

Any idea how I wire up this old school Merlin power lift? I don’t even know where to start. …

I’d start with finding the connection for the wall button. The instruction manual at page #10 says following:

If you are using a wired pushbutton connect the pushbutton wire to the manual control accessory terminals on the rear of the power head.

There is no illustration for the power head though.

Thanks for the reply, the link to the manual you provided is for a different model. My Merlin has no powerhead at the back of the unit. There is no allowance to ‘add-on’ to this opener. The photo is where i have taken off the side panel to see where the push button wires connected internally. The white wires at the top come from the push button. I opened up the push button at the wall and it appears as though its a closed / open loop scenario whereas by pushing the button closes the circuit. Is the Garadget compatible with this type of operation, or does the Garadget send some voltage to the opener to trigger it?

Sorted , hacked into the push button wires, twitched them up and I’m away. How this helps other punters!

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Hi there. I got one same as yours. Would you please tell me with terminal point for the wall switch?

From your picture it looks like something was connected to the connector. Can you trace the wires leading to the wall button? Those will be the same connections for Garadget.

I got this old opener from someone else. Now I just want to put a wall button to make it work. I don’t have user manual I don’t know which point for wall button.

Without any information available it is hard to tell. I can’t really see where wires are connected in @Oldschool’s picture. You can try shorting pins in different combinations, but there is a danger of hitting 18V power output so I’d do that through 1A fuse.