Oldest Users - Installation Date not veterans

I’m just wondering how long people have been using Garadget.

I was intrigued by the Kickstarter article on a local UK tech website and signed up to one, if not the first batches. I’m guessing that was around 2016 and, without wanting to jinx things, it’s gone through 3 router changes, 2 or 3 iPhones, and various Windows and IOS versions without too much trauma.

I have the original unit, which didn’t have the additional antenna, and is connected to an unheard of opener located in a detached brick built garage.


Thank you for your early support of the project!
The Kickstarter campaign funded in winter of 2016 with all backers getting their Garadgets in August same year. So those would be the earliest production units.

I have had 2 units installed for a couple of years now. 1 failed in warranty and was replaced and has now failed again. I contacted garadget a couple of months ago regarding my options but so far have had no reply so I dont even know if they are still in business. ?

We are very much in business.
Searching by your email I’m only finding interaction via Indiegogo from 2017 where you are asking for information about setup with the roller doors. Please PM your info and we’ll figure out the situation with your troubled unit.

Hi Denis
Thankyou for your reply
I made the enquiry on February 25 on the forum and I just noticed someone replied the same day. I didn’t get an alert that it was answered. I replied again today. (jexhed)
Essentially, one just stopped working, I replaced the power supply & cable with my good working one but it wasn’t them. I asked what are my options for repair or replacement ?

We’ll try to repair it. If not possible and the unit is out of warranty then we’ll offer a discount for replacement.