Open on arrival

The open on arrival app has a long delay before it will open. I can pull onto my driveway and it will be another 1 min or so before it will open. Any suggestions on what I need to change.

It must be delay on the trigger side of the applet. You can try widening the geo-fence radius.

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Yeah mine doesn’t open until I’m sitting in the driveway. I’m going to widen the Geo fence tonight and see if it’s better tomorrow when I come home. :smile:

Changed the Geo fence settings on my IFTTT applet and my door opened much sooner tonight

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My door is 1/2 way open by the time I get to the driveway, which is how I want it.

Also check the GPS settings on your phone. If your phone does not retrieve its location often, that could slow the door opening. But updating your phone location more often uses more battery. Everything is a trade off.

Can you change the Open on Arrival to sent an OPEN command so that the garage will not close if already open?

On my custom IFTTT open and close Alexa commands, I use


So if I say “Alexa, trigger open the garage”, nothing happens if the garage is already open.



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I would like to see this also. I have had my close has I approached because it was already opened. Thanks in advance.

The actions in IFTTT implementations are “open” and “close” so if the door is already open and the action calls for opening then nothing will happen.

If the door closes when it supposed to be opening then either the status is not correctly reported by the sensor or something else issues “close” command (another IFTTT applet, home automation, wireless remote etc).