Opened on its own

Today I was out with the family and got a notification the door opened and then closed. I figured it may just be a false notification. A few mins later i got another notification. I decided to head home. Upon arriving i was shocked to see my garage door opened! Especially since I was I was informed that this model opener (craftsman yellow security button) doesnt have doesnt work and will need another (remote)component. I was close to calling the police in case someone had gotten into our house through the garage. What could possibly have happened here??

Do you use a dry contact adapter (native remote) between Garadget and your Security+ 2.0 opener?

No I have gotten one yet, but was considering getting one.

So Garadget is not connected to the garage door opener at this time. Correct?

It is connected.

If your opener is Security+ 2.0 and Garadget is unable to control it directly then there is no reason to have them connected until you add the adapter.