Opening alert when door is closing

I have Open alerts turned on for one of my garadgets, for my iOS device. I always get 2 alerts every time the door is used. It looks like one is firing when it opens, and the second fires when the door starts to close. The alert always says “Garage 2 is now opening” even when the door is closing. Close alert is turned off, so I don’t expect any alert for that event. Any idea how to fix this?

There might be a reflective metal panel on your door that the laser hits when door is moving.
You can try one of the following:

  • increase the scan time from default 1sec to say 3sec
  • tape reflective panel if you see where the laser hits it
  • increase threshold in setting so it takes more reflection to trigger the sensor

Please post what worked.

Good news. I think I figured it out. When the door was open all the way, the laser was hitting the dangling manual-release cord. In my case, the cord is red, which is either too reflective or just tricked the sensor due to its color. I wrapped the cord with some blue matte (painters) tape where the laser hits it. So far, no more false alerts!

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Had same problem with two alerts, opening and closing. Changed scan period from 2secs to 3secs and solved it. Cheers

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